What if I told you your dandruff keeps coming back because you’re not doing it right?

I’m sorry for the blunt affirmation, but if you get rid of dandruff and it comes back one week after you finished treatment, then you’re not using the right shampoo. I was you six months ago, constantly going from product line to product line without long-lasting results.

And it’s so frustrating! You start using whatever shampoo the pharmacist has recommended and you start to see the results, your hair feels lighter, you love not having that constant itchy scalp feeling. And then, days later, you start feeling your scalp skin tightening, you start itching and the first little white flakes show up. What comes to mind immediately? All that money you just spent on fancy products just to have the problem come back.

It took me a while to find the right shampoo and you know why it took so long? Like you probably are right now, I was looking in the wrong place. The trick is to look for products that people with chronic skin conditions normally use, and here’s why. People who suffer from illnesses like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea have highly sensitive skin that cannot be exposed to very harsh products. Most of them use specific all-natural products that often include shampoo and hair conditioner.

That’s how I found FaceDoctor and I switched to it immediately, without a second thought. I was using specific anti-dandruff shampoos that, for a while, solved my problem, but made my skin to be oversensitive in the process. So, when the dandruff problem was technically solved, my skin was struggling to get the levels back to normal. I know it’s hard to think of your skin as struggling, but that’s exactly what happens. As any other organ in your body, your skin also needs to keep balanced and that’s exactly how FaceDoctor shampoo works.

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