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CLEAR Ultra Gel: The Ultimate Skin Rescuer at Your Disposal

Can there be anything more distressing than suffering from multiple skin conditions simultaneously? Similarly, can there be anything more pleasing than having a single organic solution for treating multiple skin conditions? You might have tried several natural skin care products to combat different skin diseases but it is truly rare to find one such holistic product that has the power to wipe out all. You will be surprised to know that there is one such harmless product that treats multiple skin disorders, irrespective of the skin type or symptom density.

This is none other than the moisturizing gel by CLEAR 60, which is known as Ultra Gel. Formulated by the honored FaceDoctor brand, ULTRA is its novel line of products that work by offering additional moisture to the skin. The gel can heal skin disorders by reversing the inflammatory cycle along with the triggers, by penetrating deep into the skin for invoking the repair process. According to the official site of FaceDoctor, you can apply the ULTRA GEL directly to the skin areas affected by acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, sunburn, sores, dryness, singles, scars, and fungal infections. The solution is also powerful enough in treating other conditions such as cracked feet and Athlete’s foot.

Although not patented, the formula features paraben and formaldehyde-free preservation mix that is rich in nano-structured antimicrobial components. It is due to these components that the gel can combat with almost any kind of mold, yeast, fungus, or bacterium. The extraordinary structure of the moisturizing gel contains dermal-compatible as well as stable nano-crystals that make a deep way into the profound skin layers quite easily. Further, these crystals are delivered through a natural polymer that works much like collagen for ensuring high penetration rate. It is this polymer that makes this gel a powerful anti-inflammatory product.

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