Yes, Steve Bannon Has Rosacea

I have never been asked so many times about rosacea since Steve Bannon joined the US government. I have also endured the jokes about his red nose and the comparisons to my own rosacea condition. If there are good things coming from bad situations, finding FaceDoctor’s natural rosacea soap was definitely one of them.

I’m a pretty low-key person, but the comparisons to him were driving me insane. And it had nothing to do with politics. It was the crude jokes about a skin condition I have been battling with since I can remember. I felt like I was back in school, being bullied by mean girls in the locker room before gym class.

I hadn’t really paid much attention to treatment because I assumed it was a condition I had to get used to, with symptoms that became better or worse depending on random things like the weather and my stress levels at a given moment. But then this Steve Bannon story really struck a nerve, and I found myself going on an online research rage for the best rosacea care soap. I’m familiar enough with the disease to know that creams and lotions don’t help as much as a good cleanser. FaceDoctor’s popped up in my search results, and I immediately knew it would work because of three little words, Human Demodex parasite. Knowing what causes the disease and working to stop it from spreading are crucial to skin care product development for people suffering from rosacea.

Although I will always have the condition, at least I’m doing a better job than Steve Bannon in controlling it. That has helped keep my skin balanced, and it also has stopped the constant harassment of “concerned” colleagues.

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