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Know these myths and misconceptions about acne breakouts

When you have your first acne breakout, you would definitely run for advice from your parents, aunts or cousins. They will surely share you their great knowledge about acne, but before blindly believing them, make sure that it is not an acne myth. There are quite a few myths relating to acne. Let’s see what they are, so that you won’t end up following a wrong procedure which may actually worsen your situation. Let’s see what the common myths or misconceptions relating to acne are.

1.The more you clean your skin, the more easily you can get rid of acne:

It is really a good procedure to wash your skin to remove excess oil, dirt, sweat and other impurities. But this procedure should be limited to only two times a day. Because repeatedly washing your face can actually remove too much of the oil from your skin which could cause irritation that will worsen your acne breakouts.  The best skin care strategy would be washing your skin twice a day at morning and night with a mild cleanser.

2.Eating certain foods is the reason behind acne:

Food has no relation with acne breakouts. Scientists could not find any proof to suggest that eating certain kinds of foods can aggravate acne. Although fatty and fried junk foods are generally not good for your health, you cannot blame them completely for having acne. But healthy nutritious food is essential for health and beauty of your skin.

3.Exposure to sun is good to heal acne:

Although light tanning can make the redness on the breakouts less noticeable, it is not good for treating breakouts. Exposure to sun can cause excessive drying out of skin which could cause sebaceous glands to secrete more oil in order to hydrate the dry skin. This can cause more acne breakouts and acne scars. So it is essential to protect your skin with sunscreen with SPF of 30 to protect yourself from acne, scaring, premature aging and skin cancer.

4.Squeezing the pimple carefully can help you heal acne:

Don’t think that there is no harm in popping your acne. Of course many would suggest to you that popping the zits would make them less noticeable and also would heal it fast. But this is absolutely false. Squeezing or popping your acne can cause skin underneath to get damaged and also could aggravate inflammation which finally results in a permanent acne scar.

5.Acne can haunt you only during teenage years:

This is not true. You are not free from acne breakouts even after your teen years. Acne may come back during your adult years as adult acne. It is also possible to have adult acne for an individual even if he or she doesn’t have it during teen years.

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