Why women with rosacea shouldn’t fear using FaceDoctor’s beauty cream

For women struggling with rosacea, it can be a pain to choose the right face cream. It needs to be the perfect moisturizer while respecting your skin’s balance and still control the red spots caused by rosacea. You would think that’s a lot of work for just one product!

And you would be right if it wasn’t for FaceDoctor’s beauty cream. This cream was my best finding ever, and it’s particularly precious for women with rosacea. Not only it is a superior moisturizer, which is key to prevent the early signs of aging, but it also prevents the spread and further infection of the Human Demodex Parasite. This parasite is the responsible for rosacea, so finding a cream that fights the skin disease while moisturizing your skin is just out of this world!

Unlike other medicated products, the FaceDoctor beauty cream is mild, is made with all-natural ingredients and includes the optimal amount per dosage of the sea buckthorn oil, the active ingredient commonly known to help prevent the spreading of the parasite.

You can use it twice a day just like any other normal face moisturizer, in the morning and before bed, it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on your pores, and you won’t need any additional product to take care of your skin and keep rosacea under control!

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