Sea Buckthorn Oil

What if I told you it doesn’t take much to have baby-smooth face skin?

We all want the secret formula for perfect-looking skin, don’t we? And we all fall for those skincare products ads that show us models with flawless skins. We just seem to forget all the publicity tricks that go into making those ads, and one of them is the very obvious use of very young models.

I should know what I’m talking about, I used to handle marketing for a brand like that. It’s all about touching all the pain points of women struggling with not having beautiful skin. And believe me, it’s a dirty job that works. Well, at least until the next big thing comes along and we have to re-strategize our communication.

The reason why I share with women that most of those ads are made to make them buy something, not make them believe they can improve, is to make them understand how they should be carefully selecting the products they put on their skins.

When people ask me for recommendations for baby-smooth skin, I only have one. FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap. Yes, a complexion soap is my go-to product for flawless skin and it should be part of everyone’s daily beauty routine.

This product was designed following 30 years of intensive research and has one of the most powerful natural ingredients as an active ingredient, the sea buckthorn oil. Taking care of your skin shouldn’t be complicated and you shouldn’t have to depend on a product full of chemical ingredients either. This soap delivers what it promises because it respects the balance of your complexion, working with it to show results that are long-lasting and organic, instead of forcing your skin to look improved in a short period of time.

I usually use the FaceDoctor beauty cream as a complement but on the days I feel lazy and decide to skip the cream, my skin still looks healthy and glowing.

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