What I’ve Learned about Rosacea Led Me to FaceDoctor

In my quest to help my daughter deal with rosacea, I have done a lot of research in the past five years. Despite the fact that we saw lots of doctors and tried different treatments, science didn’t seem to catch up fast enough. At least that’s why I thought at the time.

But the problem here wasn’t science. It was the product manufacturers that stuck to the same formulas, slightly improving their lines over time, and it was the doctors who weren’t willing to think out of the box and maybe try something different. I was stuck in a loop and I was tired of it.

Dealing with the symptoms of rosacea was no longer what we wanted so I started focusing on what caused the disease and how could I prevent it by working on the root cause. Before this, I had never heard of the Human Demodex parasite before but, apparently, it was the source of all problems for people suffering from rosacea. Why hadn’t I heard this from her doctors before? Had I not been asking the right questions? Part of me couldn’t get over the thought that their plan was to never get me out of the loop but to keep me going back for prescriptions for expensive creams and lotions.

The most surprising story here is that my research led me to FaceDoctor and their natural rosacea soap. No big fuss, just a natural soap with sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient that could prevent the parasite from reproducing and spreading. I couldn’t believe the solution was this simple and so affordable! I ordered it without thinking twice, after carefully reading all the ingredients and doing more research on what they meant and on what the awards were about. I’m that thorough!

Compared to what it looked like a couple of months ago, my daughter’s skin looks and feels flawless. All it took was a natural soap! Still wowed by it!

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