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How to Stop Acne from Ruining Your Social Life with FaceDoctor

No matter what people say, yes looks aren’t everything, but struggling with a chronic skin condition can turn you into a hermit pretty soon.

I had suffered from adult acne for 13 years until I found FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap. I had tried countless treatments and countless dermatologists without any long-lasting results. It’s not that I didn’t still try to have a social life beyond acne, it’s that I was tired of answering the same questions all the time. I felt like a freak in a show, despite people being apologetic enough for asking so many questions.

Adult acne is not a rare disease, but people are fascinated by it since they associate pimples with being a teenager. Well, the basis of both conditions is the same, but the location of the pimples is not. While teenage acne concentrates in the forehead, the tiny pimples of adult acne tend to spread out to the chin and to your back. While teenage acne disappears as you grow older and your hormonal levels are balanced, the adult version sticks with you forever.

Treating acne is not about healing or curing it, it’s about preparing your skin to deal with an outbreak, in the best possible, most natural way. For years, I had had trouble finding a natural acne treatment that was both effective and that respected my complexion’s balance enough to not trigger it into the worst pimple outbreak.

The first effect I felt on my skin with FaceDoctor that I hadn’t felt before, was the immediate soothing. It wasn’t something that took a couple of minutes to work, I felt immediate comfort. And every time I touched my face skin, even hours later, it still felt soft and moisturized, without any oily residue. Something I had never experienced with any other product.

The acne is not gone forever but now I’m able to control it by allowing my skin to handle it practically on its own. And without triggering an unwanted reaction.

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