Acne Treatment

How Derma Pro Beauty Cream Fights Acne

The Derma Pro Beauty Cream is a unique, clinically proven formula that is capable of treating several skin diseases including acne. After several years of research, Face Doctor has come up with multipurpose products that can deal with multiple skin conditions at a time. In case of Derma Pro cream, this power of healing doubles for faster results because it comes with the highest concentration of oil that is extracted from the Seabuckthorn plant.

Identified as Seabuckthorn oil, this natural ingredient tends to act both externally and internally on three key offenders of acne namely, chronic inflammation, endocrine imbalance, and immune imbalance. The oil contains several robust anti-inflammatory ingredients such as salycins and quercetin along with many sets of micronutrients such as Omegas 3, 7, and 9; which work together to restore the hormonal balance as well as control the immune system.

When taken topically, the oil softens as well as strengthens the skin by alleviating swelling, scarring, and inflammation, which finally puts an end to an inflammatory process. Apart from that, the seabuckthorn oil is an analgesic, although mild, which keeps scratching and picking at bay. Further, it is also an anti-microbial agent that prevents microbial activities.

The aforementioned properties make the Derma Pro cream an anti-acne therapy.

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