I finally found an all-natural cream that’s psoriasis-friendly

It took me years of trial and error to finally find a product that respects the balance of my complexion and controls psoriasis from flaring up and spreading. People told me such a product was impossible to find, including my dermatologist, and that I would soon have to return to the normal skin care products for psoriasis. But I was tired of depending on chemical-based creams all my life and I wanted something that would work on the illness but wouldn’t jeopardize the parts of my skin that were healthy.

Finding Facedoctor’s medicated soap with the sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient felt like Christmas morning. Of course, the naysayers convinced me this was not going to work, that it was a scam, that would make my psoriasis even worse and that I would have to rush to a hospital to get a cortisone injection just to get back to normal.

This is what people with normal and healthy skin don’t get: for people with psoriasis, every treatment and cream we try is a test. It’s always a test, no matter how many great things people say about it. Because these treatments are usually chemical-based, people think they’re better and more efficient than an organic-based one.

But once people began to see the visible effects of the medicated soap on my skin, they immediately changed their opinion. And the great thing about this product is that it’s completely safe for anyone to use, it’s not just meant for people with skin conditions. I finally feel like I can shop in the normal people’s section without having to get expensive prescribed medication and creams for psoriasis.

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