Acne Treatment

How Face Doctor Complexion Soap Combats Acne

The Complexion soap is the product of Face Doctor, a brand with multiple accolades and countless customer praises. The brand has formulated the soap after a constant research on the ultimate skincare product for almost 30 years. Successfully, it came up with a formula that can heal several skin ailments simultaneously without any major side effects.

The main ingredient in this formula is the Sea Buckthorn Oil extracted from the fruit of the same name and composed of several nutrients. The oil contains robust anti-inflammatory agents, moisturizers, and antioxidants that alleviate free radicals, restore hormonal balance, and remove dirt and toxins lying under the skin. It also acts as a cleanser-cum-moisturizer due to which it can nourish the skin deeply for restoring it to its glowing look. It does not leave the skin scaly or dry unlike most other chemical-based remedies for acne.

Rich in Vitamin B complexes, the oil with its powerful anti-inflammatory agents sets one free from acne while retaining the health as well as moisture of the skin. Even according to experts, the oil showed its effectiveness in healing acne when used on daily basis, during cleansing and bathing.

In short, the robust ingredients in the soap make it an anti-acne bar!

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