Hair Care, Sea Buckthorn Oil

I finally find the conditioner that allows me to keep my hair long all-year long

Finding a decent hairdresser is hard. Finding a decent hairdresser that understands your wavy hair and what you mean when you ask her for a trim is even harder. The only reason why I hadn’t had long hair for a longer time is because I couldn’t find a good conditioner that would keep me away from constant trimming.

Every time I have to go for a trim, the wave effect disappears. I don’t know if it’s their lack of technique or the products they use to moisturize, the truth is I always leave feeling disappointed. How hard is it to keep healthy long hair anyway? It shouldn’t be that unachievable.

In my quest to find the perfect hair conditioner, I bought all different kinds of products and used each of them for one week. I ruled out the supermarket-bought ones immediately. They were the cheapest but they were so full of chemicals, that my hair only looked good in the first two days. After that, the effect was gone and my hair felt drier than before.

Then I went for the high-end kind of professional products you buy at hair salons. They felt nicer and the effects lasted a bit longer, but, unless they were being used with the whole collection of styling products, the effects would wear off pretty quickly.

Finally, I went for the all-natural products, the ones people specifically used for hair treatment. Some of them were nice but ended up being too expensive to keep my long hair healthy because I had to use double the quantity to get the same effect as a supermarket-bought one. So, not worth the investment. I did find them to be milder on my scalp, which is a plus.

Now, there was one product that I filed in the miracle product section, and that’s Hair and Scalp Doctor Conditioner. The sea buckthorn oil is the active ingredient that does all the magic and I don’t mean it lightly. It truly was the very best product to keep my healthy long hair, compared to all the ones I tried, by a long shot

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