Psoriasis, Sea Buckthorn Oil

How someone with psoriasis and sensitive skin deals with treatments

If you are familiar with psoriasis treatments, either because you suffer from this condition yourself or know someone close to you who does, you know phototherapy is one of the most common treatments prescribed by doctors. For those who live in a sunny place, you practically don’t have to spend a dime to do it often. For those who don’t, the medical bill is tough to manage.

I was lucky because I was one of those people who lived in a sunny place. But there was only one catch. My skin was too sensitive for long exposures to sunlight and phototherapy sessions. My mother struggled to find products that were low in cortisone but efficient enough to allow me to have a normal life. Unfortunately, she never found them in her lifetime.

For people suffering from psoriasis, there’s always a fine line between treatment and dealing with the effects. It was very hard for me to find that balance until I came across the FaceDoctor website. For starters, being able to buy an all-natural skin care product for psoriasis online, at a very reasonable price, was a blessing. How could I not want to give it a try?

When I received my first order I was slightly scared. What if the product had side effects I hadn’t anticipated? Or what if it didn’t work at all and I had just wasted my money on something stupid? Was the sea buckthorn oil as effective as everyone was saying? I was so afraid of the consequences, despite reading all the ingredients and all the reviews online, that it took me one week to gather the courage to start using it.

But then, when I used it for the first time, I felt relieved. There was no burning or itching, just a normal cream that I could use daily for all my skin, not just the affected parts. There are times I even forget I have sensitive skin!

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