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Face Doctor RX and DermaPro offer a line of medicated soaps and beauty products including our Derma Pro Beauty Cream that has the highest concentration of Sea buckthorn Oil, and has been clinically proven to kill the Human Demodex parasite, on the market. Our beauty cream treats the appearance of rosacea while restoring a clear, healthy complexion. This beauty cream does double duty – not only rejuvenating the look and feel of the complexion but also working as an exceptional rosacea treatment, an excellent acne treatment, a wonderful eczema treatment and an outstanding psoriasis treatment. Who knew one product could meet and exceed so many expectations?

The reason for the great success of the Derma Pro Beauty Cream IS the presence of sea buckthorn oil; and this deserves some further explanation. Sea buckthorn Sea buckthorn is an herb from which the leaves and flowers are used to manufacture a wide variety of medicinal products. It is used to treat everything from arthritis to high cholesterol, and is an excellent remedy as an acne skin treatment, eczema skin treatment and other skin conditions.

People claim to love how this product feels and works. One reviewer had this to say about the line of beauty products offered by Allure Imports, Inc. in their Face Doctor RX and Derma Pro items.

The Good

All Derma Pro Anti-Aging skin care products can be conveniently purchased online –   including the Derma Pro Beauty Cream.
All active ingredients found in Derma Pro Anti-Aging treatments are revealed on the official  website – including the Derma Pro Beauty Cream.
There are moisturizers in Derma Pro Anti-Aging products – including the Derma Pro Beauty Cream.

If you haven’t settled on an anti-aging cream – don’t hesitate to give the Derma Pro Beauty Cream a try. We are confident you will be satisfied with the results!

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