Why Are Skincare Ingredients Listed from the Most to the Least?
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Why Are Skincare Ingredients Listed from the Most to the Least?

Shopping for skincare products may be time-consuming if you don’t have a strategy for assessing each of your options. With the huge range of skincare products available online, it may seem completely overwhelming.

The exact amount of ingredients in each product is usually a trade secret, but manufacturers are still required to list skincare ingredients from the most to the least on product packaging. Here’s why they are required to disclose this to customers.


Getting a Good Value

Listing the products in a logical order on product packaging makes it easier for customers to directly compare the contents of two similar products. For example, a customer might want to get a product with a higher concentration of oils that support the skin, such as Sea Buckthorn Oil.

Sometimes ingredients that seem unimportant, such as water, actually play a very important role in the overall consistency and quality of the product. It’s important not to judge a product too harshly based on its ingredient list, but it can be helpful if you know what you’re looking for.


Skin Sensitivity Concerns

Knowing that a product only has small amounts of a particular ingredient can be helpful for people with sensitive skin. For example, someone with sensitive skin might avoid products with high concentrations of certain oils or alcohol.

This also makes it easier for people with sensitive skin to look for ingredients they know can help. If they want a rich, soothing cream that actually gets results, the ingredients list helps them decide if it’s likely to work.


Skincare that Works for You

FaceDoctor makes a range of medicated soaps, creams, and other skincare products to help you look and feel your best. We are committed to being as transparent as possible about our ingredients and their purposes so you can make an informed choice about what you buy.




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