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Rehabilitating – best remedy for skin problems – Face doctor RX

As the winter starts to wind down – there is a hint that summer is just around the corner, a time when we tend to bare more skin and show off our beautiful selves! But if you have acne, psoriasis or other skin problems then you probably aren’t excited about the warm months of the year and all the excitement it brings.

Face Doctor Rx offers a line of products that can help you ‘face’ the summer with anticipation. One of our most favored products that customers tend to rave about is our Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap. It truly rehabilitates the complexion and results are noticeable within days and certainly over weeks. Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap contains Sea Buck thorn Oil, an organic ingredient that has been called ‘legendary’, and its use for skin treatments dates back to the earliest times of mankind. Sea Buck thorn is a berry in its natural form. When the oil is extracted it has been found to have an incredible nutritional profile with over 190 phyto-nutrients that enhance natural beauty and health.

Allure Imports, Inc. offers the Face Doctor Rx Rejuvenating Soap as one of its products that is a facial redness treatment, natural skin treatment and more. Lather up a bar of our luxurious soap and gently buff it across your complexion. You will honestly be able to feel the natural ingredients of the cleanser go to work, removing dirt and grime and leaving your face feeling fresh, clean and ready to face the world! Use Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap regularly – day or night, and count on seeing a new you looking back in the mirror. When it comes to beating back the winter skin blues – Face Doctor Rx has a full line of products that will make you fall in love with your own look. But, we will admit, one of our favorites that is sure to become yours is our Rejuvenating Soap.

Try it today.

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