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DermaPro Trauma Gel Eliminates Itching from Bug Bites

In the summer, it becomes hard to avoid bites from mosquitoes and other insects. After just a few hours of playing outdoors with my kids, it seems like I am covered in the tiny red bumps, even when I use tons of insect repellant. To get the unsightly itchy bumps to go away, I tried DermaPro Trauma Gel, and it really worked.

DermaPro Trauma Gel is formulated to help eliminate the irritants that control swelling, redness and inflammation. Just a few hours after applying DermaPro Trauma Gel to my bug bites, I noticed that they were itching less, and within a day or two, the redness was completely gone.

I can’t give up doing the things that I love outdoors, but I can treat the consequences of all the fun times I have outdoors with DermaPro Trauma Gel, and I am grateful for that.

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