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The sea-buckthorns are deciduous shrubs. It belongs to the genus Hippophae and family Elaeagnaceae. It’s mainly seen in china and other mainland regions of Asia. They mainly grow in dry, sandy areas. So they are also referred to as  sandthorn or seaberry. Every part of the plant has medicinal values whether it may be leaves, flowers, fruits or seeds. Due to its rich  medicinal and nutritional value it is used in health and beauty products.

Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from the pulp or seeds of the fruit. Enriched with vitaminC, vitaminE, carotenoids, dietary minerals and polyphenolic acids, it helps in fighting skin problems like sun burns, acne, rosacea, scars and eczema. It also helps in nourishing your skin and make your skin wrinkle-free. It has also be proven that it contains powerful anti ageing ingredients. So using this oil continuously will helps in removing wrinkles,fine lines, cracks etc. This will also helps in rejuvenating and regenerating your skin cells, thus providing a healthy and glowing skin. Sea buckthorn oil is also beneficial for hair care. Due to its rich vitamin ingredients it helps in gaining a thick lusturous healthy hair. Since it is a natural product it will not do any harm to skin or face.It also works well on all type of skin. It is directly absorbed and consumed by the skin.It also helps in healing skin injuries and helps in restoring a natural skin. Due to its nourishing and anti-aging properties, the oil extracts are used in various cosmetic and skin care products.

The ingredients like polyphenols and flavanoids acts as a powerful antioxidants against all diseases. Thus it helps in enhancing body’s immunity. It has also been found that the oil is useful against ulcers. The oil forms a coating inside the gastro intestinal track thus shielding it from deadly substances. The omega 3 in the oil helps in decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure. The omega 7 helps in melting the fat content of your body. Thus they are also beneficial for a healthy heart. It is also useful in enhancing the condition of mucous membrane. It also act as a natural dietary supplement. It is also effective against gum bleeding. Thus they improves your overall health.

Now a days many doctors use sea buckthorn medicines to recover from skin injuries and laser or cosmetic surgery. So overall the sea buckthorn oil provides a smooth and healthy body.

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