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Hair loss

Hair loss has become a common problem nowadays. It affects both men and women, irrespective of sex. Usually, we lose some hair as a part of hair’s renewal process. But, if hair loss exceeds a certain limit, then it must be treated quickly, otherwise it may lead to permanent baldness. However, sitting idly will not solve the problem. Normally, a variety of factors contribute to hair loss. They could be hormonal or nutritional factors, psychological problems or exposure to extremely hot conditions. In certain cases certain medications also contribute to hair loss. Moreover, certain hair styling treatments like bleaching or straightening may also make hair more prone to breakage. We must take necessary steps to prevent hair loss and make hair look thick and lustrous.

For many years, much research has been done on hair loss. This has resulted in developing products especially to tackle hair loss. Currently, many companies are offering a wide range of hair care products to promote healthy growth of hair. But, it will be better to have natural products for hair care, because of its healthy advantages. One of the main reasons for hair loss is blocked hair follicles. This may be caused by the unwanted dirt and oil that has been built up over time. So, a regular cleansing and moisturizing will help to have a clean and healthy scalp that will promote a more thick and lustrous look. You could use Face Doctor’s Hair & Scalp Doctor shampoo for cleansing, due to its rich herbal ingredients. Make sure to apply it from the root to the ends. This shampoo has been clinically tested and found to be effective against itchy and flaky scalps. Also, its active ingredient, sea buckthorn oil, provides a soothing effect to the scalp. After shampooing you can moisturize your hair using the premium conditioner, Hair & Scalp Doctor conditioner. It also forms a protective coating around the hair fibers and guards it from external threats like, heat and pollutants. Also, it will make the hair smooth and silky. The main advantage of using these products is that it is suitable for all hair types.

Tips to remember

  1. Massage your scalp regularly. It will stimulate the blood supply to the scalp, and thus enhances hair growth.
  2. Have a protein rich diet
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Have a stress free life

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