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I Had to Give Up Phototherapy but Had FaceDoctor as backup

For people with psoriasis, phototherapy is one of the most effective treatments but is also one of the most expensive. Before being laid off from work, I had the company health insurance coverage so I could afford the sessions. Since I left, I found it very hard to get affordable insurance again. As a result of all that stress, my psoriasis only got worse.

I needed to find something that would have the same results as the phototherapy sessions but with half the price. So, for almost one month I searched for the best remedies for skin problems, only to realize most of them I couldn’t afford. Isn’t it ironic when they treat health like a product?

At the time, I had weekly meetings at the job center, trying to find work, and the person who was appointed to my case noticed my patches for the first time. So far, I had been able to keep it under control, but it wouldn’t be for much longer. When she asked, I explained I had psoriasis and that because I had lost my health insurance when I was fired, I was no longer able to keep up with treatments. She took a post-it note and wrote down “FaceDoctor sea buckthorn oil soap.” Her brother was using it on her niece, and he couldn’t be happier with how quick the results were and how he could afford treatment.

Feeling suspicious but determined to give it a try, I stopped by the health store across the street to buy some of this natural psoriasis treatment. It wasn’t expensive, but I doubted that a bar of soap would be enough to handle my skin condition.

Now, I can’t precise the timeline of events, but I sure can tell you the results came quickly, just like she told me it would. I think it must have been two or three weeks after I started using it? And don’t be fooled by the size of the soap bar! It lasts!

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