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How to Make Your Kid Not Scratch Eczema Patches

When kids are not old enough to understand that they shouldn’t scratch the eczema patches to not make it worse it feels like a constant battle at your house. I’m sure you’ve been through some tough times trying to keep them from scratching like I have. But how do you tell someone not to scratch an itch? It’s the instinctive reaction, isn’t it? And it breaks your heart to see them scratching and then crying about it because it burns.

I read countless blog posts on tips and tricks and tried them all, without success. At one point I actually thought if any of those bloggers had tried those tricks on their kids, or were just putting up a post for views. We know that desperate millennial parents will resort to the internet often.

I couldn’t use psychology on him because, let’s face it when you’re struggling not to scratch, your reason goes out the window – and so does a parent’s patience.

Well, in one of those online searches I changed my queries from “things to do” and “how to” to “best eczema treatment products” because, let’s face it, that’s what I really wanted but hadn’t found out yet. That search took me to FaceDoctor’s website. I was hoping to find a long list of products specific for different kinds of skin conditions but found a handful of them.

Feeling slightly suspicious of the little options (I mean, how could one single product possibly help different kinds of problems), I read carefully through the product descriptions. The fact that it was a natural skin treatment was enough to convince me to order the sea buckthorn oil soap. I had heard about this active ingredient before and I knew everyone praised it as one of the best for skin problems, although I had never heard someone refer it for eczema.

After the first week of using it, I noticed he wouldn’t feel like scratching as much. After two weeks, he had stopped scratching completely and the eczema patches looked less reddish and scaly. After one month, although eczema hadn’t completely disappeared, his skin looked a lot healthier than before.

So, what was the secret behind this product? None. It simply respected my son’s complexion balance and that made all the difference.

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