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Avoid These Winter Hair Mistakes

Hair and skin sustain serious damage during the wintertime, leaving you with limp locks and a lackluster complexion. But most of this damage may be due to some simple mistakes you might be making with your hair care routine.


Learn more about how to avoid these common winter hair mistakes.


Using Hot Water to Wash Your Hair

While a steaming hot shower or bath might sound like heaven during the chilly winter months, washing your hair in ultra-hot water can strip your hair and scalp of much needed moisture.

Set your faucet to lukewarm when washing your hair, and use the medium setting on your hairdryer to prevent damage when styling.


Not Switching Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Lightweight hair care products are ideal for summer because they won’t weigh down your strands or cause buildup on your scalp. However, these products typically don’t feature adequate moisturizing ingredients to support healthy hair when it gets cold.

Switching up your shampoo and conditioner to a more nourishing formula provides your hair with all the nutrients and protection it needs to stay soft and luscious all season long.

FaceDoctor’s Hair and Scalp Doctor Conditioner contains powerful Sea Buckthorn oil. This potent ingredient is high in omega fatty acids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. It is formulated to strengthen and protect hair from heat damage and moisture loss and boost collagen production.


Going Out With Wet Hair

Extreme cold is just as bad for your hair as heat, so venturing outdoors with wet hair can lead to split ends, breakage, and brittleness.

Apply a thermal protectant before blow drying your hair. It will speed up the drying process, so there is no excuse for rushing out the door with your hair wet.


Wearing the Wrong Hat

Hats and beanies are the go-to accessories for keeping cozy in the winter, but certain materials and features may cause tangles and breakage. Opt for soft tight-knit fabrics like cashmere or hats with a lining made of silk or satin to avoid friction.


Use FaceDoctor for Healthy Hair Year Round

Protect your locks this winter with FaceDoctor’s haircare products designed to nourish and moisturize your hair to protect it from the winter chill.






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