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How FaceDoctor Natural Acne Soap Always Saves Award’s Night

What is the worst thing that can happen to a celebrity during award season beside a wardrobe malfunction? An incredibly serious case of wild acne. Yes, they are people like us you know. Now, no matter how well you take care yourself during the rest of the year, that week before the award show can be hell. Especially if you’re nominated. All cameras will be on you, so you need to pick the right outfit, the right accessories, the right hair style and, most importantly, you must look flawless.

Now, when celebrities come to me for help they’re not celebrities yet. They don’t have the entourage of designers and makeup artists to back them up. They also don’t have all the brand deals that give them free access to the most expensive skin care products in the world. They come to me not because I’m the low-cost option (although my services do cost a fraction of what a superstar stylist charges), but because I’m as down to earth as they are and my goal is to make them feel fabulous walking down that red carpet. Most of the times, even after they’ve become big time celebrities, they will still work with me because we shared these moments.

Now, my secret trick for a glowing skin is actually a combination of three things: sleep, water, and FaceDoctor. All this sounds super simple if only you could get enough of all three in the days before the award ceremony. And that’s exactly when everything falls apart and stress kicks in. The dress, the in-case-you-win speech, the good press, the bad press, the paparazzi hanging outside your mom’s house. You can easily forget to breathe. If you have to skip sleep and drinking enough water, don’t skip the FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap. That is my number one advice.

This is the best skin treatment soap you’ll ever want to use and it will keep your complexion balanced while everything else seems a bit crazy. And this is valid for anyone going through stressful situations. Keep this natural acne treatment in handy because the last thing you need is an acne outbreak ruin the moment.

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