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How I went from shampooing three times a week to just one with FaceDoctor

As a child, I had the most lustrous, curly hair you’d ever seen. Looking back at those photos and it almost seems impossible to believe that the little girl in the pictures and me are the same person. All hell broke loose about one and half years after I hit puberty. My hair felt greasy and my scalp would flake easily. No matter how many times a week I washed my hair and no matter how many different types of shampoos I tried, I never felt my hair and my scalp were completely clean. Eventually, after all trying all those different shampoos, I began to experience hair loss.

These were devastating times for me and that is the reason why I don’t have any photos of me at that time. I felt miserable.

As I grew older, things got better but I never really felt like I had solved the problem. I had a tiring routine of washing my hair every other day with three different shampoos: one for dandruff, one for oily hair, and one to prevent hair loss. The system wasn’t perfect but it was the way I had come up with to control my scalp’s health. If I was to use one shampoo only for all three problems, it would only make it worse. Or so I thought until I found Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo.

Until I began using this shampoo (and later pairing it with the conditioner), I thought there was no cure for my situation, no solution whatsoever. There were days I just wanted to shave off my hair and wear wigs for the rest of my life, but that wouldn’t fix the problems with my scalp.

I knew this shampoo would be different the first time I used it. It was the first shampoo to actually soothe my scalp. It was almost as if I could feel my skin cool down for the first time in years, does this make sense? For the first time, I really felt my scalp was fresh and clean. Who knew I would ever go back to using one shampoo like everyone else? And yet here I am!

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