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I had tried every shampoo on the market, and my dandruff kept coming back

I must have tried every brand in the market for anti-dandruff shampoo before I gave up the battle. It was hopeless. No matter how hard I tried, dandruff kept coming back worse than before. I even tried all-natural homemade masks that people guaranteed me it would cure me of dandruff forever. Well, apart from having a weird smell on my head for a week, nothing else really happened.

According to my hairdresser, who every time she saw me talked profusely (and loudly) about my dandruff problem, I was keeping the bacteria at bay but not preventing it from coming back or spreading. I had to go deeper than these mild treatment shampoos and she said she had just the thing for me, something one of her clients had mentioned a month before.

I immediately thought she was about to pitch me the most stupid product in the market just to get a commission out of it or some sort of organic crap that didn’t have any effect on the problem. But when she came back with a bottle of Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo, it looked legit. When I asked her how I should use, she burst out laughing. “It’s not rocket science! You just wash your hair with it, you know, like a normal shampoo…?” I felt a little embarrassed but after trying so many tricks, one had to ask if there was something special about the way I would wash my hair with a shampoo with the name Doctor in it.

The first time I used it, it felt great. The hair felt light and not greasy, I didn’t feel my scalp itch and the dandruff flakes were gone. I felt my hair was clean. But I still had to wait a couple more weeks to truly be blown away by it.

Two weeks later, the same results. Then one month, two, three. I had amazing looking hair and I had been able to stop bacteria from coming back.

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