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How I finally got rid of bacteria in my scalp

If you had told me three months ago that my hair would grow back stronger, I would not have believed you. It took me about one month to realize the true cause of my sudden hair loss. At the time, I was going through so much stress at work that I linked the two situations. It had happened before when I was younger, so I assumed things would go back to normal once everything was sorted out. But it didn’t.

Stress at work stopped, but the hair loss continued at an almost alarming rate. Then it wasn’t only losing hair that began to worry me, it was the constant itch and the flaking scalp. So, I was going bald and had dandruff? Brilliant!

To this date, I think my biggest mistake was to not see a dermatologist sooner and to try to fix the problem with supermarket-bought shampoos. Dandruff would go away for a while to only come back stronger one week later. And there was no sign of my hair loss stopping.

On one of those trips to the supermarket, while trying to figure out if there was any shampoo left that I hadn’t tried yet, a woman tapped on my shoulder to tell me I wouldn’t find there what I was looking for. She apologized for the intrusion, but she had noticed my hair loss problem and told me the same thing had happened to her one month ago. Well, looking at her I would not have believed it, but she showed me pictures on her phone to prove it.
That day was the first day I heard of, bought, and used the Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo. The soothing effect was immediate and I felt grateful that the itch had finally stopped. I haven’t used any other hair care product ever since.

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