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Downsizing everything in my life

Last year, an unexpected turn of events made me move into a much smaller house. As everything else negative that happens in my life, I saw it as a lesson and took it as an opportunity to make some changes. At that time, I began reading a lot about minimalism and made a decision to substantially downsize everything in my life. Well, moving into a smaller house helped a lot with that process anyway.

Ask me anything about capsule closets and I can talk about it for hours. Also, decluttering, detoxing, and all that comes with a profound life change. There was only one tiny detail I couldn’t wrap my head around and that was getting rid of all my skin care products. I was obsessed with my skin care products but, obviously, I knew I didn’t need all of them. For a while, I tried to convince myself that I did need two different moisturizers (one for day time and one for night time), one anti-wrinkle cream, three different cleansers, and one specific body wash.
Downsizing my skin care products took a little longer to happen but I finally took that step and I am very pleased with the results. The first thing I needed to do was to convince myself that it was possible to have an effective beauty routine using only two products. All I had to do was finding them.

It took me less than one week to find FaceDoctor’s rejuvenating soap and beauty cream, both all-natural, organic products, that included the active ingredient sea buckthorn oil. The results amazed me and the price tag was comfortable to fit my new lifestyle. If you find the right product, like I did, you don’t need a dozen different skin care products to have a healthy, balanced complexion.

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