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Face Doctor Soap will Revive Your Skin

Face Doctor Soap will Revive Your Skin

Face Doctor Soap will Revive Your Skin

Face Doctor creates and markets a product aimed specifically at repairing problem skin. It is made from all organic extracts of plants that target acne scars, enlarged pores, premature aging and skin blotches among other dermatological challenges. Thirty years of dedicated research uncovered the source of the problems that occur with the skin. A tiny parasite that has been labeled the Human Demodex acts like a microscopic worm burrowing into pores and feeds off fresh blood cells, turning complexions red, rough and lumpy. But the Face Doctor Complexion Soap attacks these parasites; utilizing natural ingredients unique from other medicated soaps. The element that is found in the Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap is the oil of Sea Buckthorn.

Sea buckthorn oil does not originate from waterways but grows on shrubs in mountain and coastal areas. Its medicinal powers can be traced back to ancient Tibet, and is also mentioned in Greek and Chinese texts. In other words, it has a long and storied history as a natural agent with certain restorative and healing powers. It’s now a regular component in the Face Doctor Complexion Soap, directly countering the negative effects of the Human Dermodex. It promotes a healthy complexion appearance and has even been called a ‘miracle soap’ by some consumers.

Just lather on your face once in the morning and, for dry skin, once in the evening as well, and leave it on for thirty seconds before rinsing. If you have sensitive skin only use it once before bedtime where its organic properties can combine with the restorative nature of sleep to act as a natural skin treatment. The active ingredient, Seabuckthorn Oil, has been clinically proven to kill the Human Demodex parasite.

We invite you to try this wonderful product. We believe you’ll agree that it is the best acne soap on the market and your skin will thank you!

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