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If you’re using harsh cleansers to get rid of acne, you’re making it worse

I know that at the first sign of pimples, you want to use the most effective cleanser to get rid of them immediately. You’ve heard it a million times, that in order to control an acne outbreak, you have to keep your skin clean of all bacteria and dead skin cells. You’ve heard this so many times that when the time comes, you obviously rush to get the most abrasive product you can find at your supermarket or drugstore.
You may be killing it when it comes to battling acne, but you’re not doing your skin any favors. Your skin is reacting to all the hormonal changes happening in your body by producing excess oil that then clogs your pores – the perfect scenario for acne to thrive. By using a harsh product as a cleanser, you’ll make your skin react in an even harsher way to all these aggressions.
Most of the times, a great soap is all it takes to help you control your acne. But not just any soap. My top choice, and it has been for years, is FaceDoctor’s Medicated Soap, made with sea buckthorn oil – a powerful natural ingredient known for its antiseptic and soothing properties. This natural ingredient is so versatile that there’s a great chance you don’t need to use any other product besides the medicated soap.
This soap respects the balance of your complexion, cleanses while it cares, and maintains that healthy glow you used to have before acne.

Forget all the trends in skin care products for acne and forget whatever your friends are saying it works. This soap repairs skin damage that may be caused by acne, and all this through the power of its natural ingredients.

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