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Here’s what our customers are saying!

Here’s what our customers are saying!

Here’s what our customers are saying!

We here at Face Doctor believe strongly in the positive effects our products can have on our customers and their lives. However, we really appreciate it when a Face Doctor product user takes the time to write us and tell us how we have changed their lives for the better. This is the kind of information we like to pass on to our readers and followers. Consider the following review of the Face Doctor RX Complexion Soap.

Reviewer3031425 states that “I am using this in addition to the Face Doctor Medicated Soap. I’m 23 was experiencing worse acne than when I was a teenager! I also had blotchy redness on the sides of my face. I went for it hard, making sure to wash 2x a day, and after 2 weeks, my skin already looks better. If I have a breakout, its 1 zit instead of 3 or 4. And it is much smaller and heals much faster. I’ve even had deep blackheads come to the surface that I was able to get rid of! I’ve also tried Grandpa’s Acne Soap, which provided a little help, but seemed to lose its effectiveness. I hope this keeps working for me! And I’m expecting my skin to continue to get better in the next couple weeks”.

We hope so too Review 3031425! More than that we can assure you that the active ingredients in our all natural products will pamper your skin while attacking the nasty parasite that has been found to be the cause of many complexion breakouts. Our Face Doctor RX Complexion Soap should help to calm acne, rosacea, and psoriasis – all while fighting the signs of premature aging that can result from too much sun and other environmental factors.

Sea Buckthorn Oil is a popular addition to our Face Doctor products because it is chocked full of rich nutrients and phytonutrients, including vitamin C and other amounts of organic minerals. Don’t wait to find out the benefits of this delightful product – we have many satisfied customers who ensure you will be glad you made this purchase!

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