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Let Face Doctor Work for You

Let Face Doctor Work for You

Let Face Doctor Work for You

Face Doctor is a company with thirty years of clinical research to support the efficacy of their line of dermatological products that are treatments for skin rashes, teenage acne and adult acne among other problems that our consumers are faced with regarding their complexions and other areas of the human skin. Their products are strong, naturally medicated treatments for rosacea, acne and related skin problems for people of all ages and Face Doctor’s “truly advanced skin care products” earned the 14th Annual Salon International Award for inventions, presented in Geneva, Switzerland.

The success of Face Doctor products bears repeating. Face Doctor focuses primarily on facial care, and our highly beneficial acne treatment and rosacea products are backed my medical research and embraced by consumers. Repeated studies only confirm this claim.

One of our products that has garnered great reviews and is a consumer favorite is the Face Doctor RX, 1 oz. Beauty Cream with Sea buckthorn Oil. It is intended to be used as a complement to the Face Doctor rejuvenating soap. Among its many benefits is the fact that it acts as a moisturizing agent while helping to rid the complexion of blemishes. It is an excellent acne treatment that won’t clog pores while working to prevent premature aging. The active ingredient is Sea Buckthorn Oil, proven to remedy rosacea, rashes and other skin eruptions.

When the Face Doctor RX Beauty Cream with Sea Buckthorn Oil is used in combination with other recommended products – including Face Doctor X Complexion Soap and Face Surgeon Medicated Soap many of our customers rave about the difference they see in their complexions.

Make one of your New Year’s resolutions be to take better care of yourself – starting with your complexion; and let Face Doctor help you keep your promise. Our products are organic and competitively priced. Try Face Doctor/Derma Pro products today.

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