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Dealing with dry skin

Skin is the most vulnerable organ in our body that requires constant attention. But first of all it is necessary to know, how to take care of your skin. Now more and more people are aware that a mere wash routine will not do if you want a smooth and supple skin. Also the present environment that we live in with all dust and pollution and the abuse of chemical cosmetic products, all has further added damage to the skin. So it comes as no surprise that the frequency of people with dry skin is high nowadays.

Reasons for dry skin

Many factors like hormonal, genetic, extreme weather, environmental conditions contribute to dry skin. In some cases certain medications also promote dry skin. Also with age, the skin may lose its ability to retain moisture, which may leave the skin dry and flaccid. Moreover our oil glands become active only around puberty. So young children and elderly are more prone to skin dryness. Also excessive dryness can result in cracks and fissures and in some extreme cases it will end up as itching, eczema or psoriasis. Also women with dry skin tend to experience dullness on face and may develop lines and wrinkles on face, which may look like early ageing. So it is necessary to look after the skin very carefully.

What to do

Although the skin’s basic texture can’t be changed, one must look after it properly. Moisturizers are best used as often as needed. The selection depends on the harshness of dryness, extent and rate of application and affordability. But moisturizers should be chosen carefully since oily ones may block the oil glands on the face, which may lead to pimples or acne breakout. You can try Face Doctor beauty cream. Its daily application rejuvenates your skin and prevents the spread of Human Demodex parasites, which are the root cause of all skin dryness. Also it gently nourishes your skin and adds a moisturizing effect to it. Thus you will get both beauty and protection within one cream. Besides that, moisturizing soaps are also available in the market that has all the effectiveness of the cream. But make sure to avoid strong and perfumed soaps. Here we can use Face doctor Medicated soap. Its rich herbal extract is found to be effective against the ugly causes of all skin diseases like acne, pimples, rosacea, blotches etc. It gently cleanses your skin and provides a soothing effect on your skin.

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