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4 Summer Skincare Tips

Even if you live in a region with mild summers, the changes in temperature and sunlight can have serious effects on your skin. When the sun is high in the sky for longer, it can beat down on you and cause sunburn more quickly than ever. Plus, high humidity affects how long sweat remains on your skin during the day.

Your skincare routine will need some adjustments, but avoid making sweeping changes. Changing just one or two products can help improve your skin and counter the long-term effects of aging. Here are our top four skincare tips for summertime.


1. Avoid Over-Drying

It’s easy to overreact to the increased humidity and sweat on your skin by scrubbing your skin with harsh products. However, this can strip your skin of the healthy oils it needs to stay hydrated. Your skin might overreact and produce more unhealthy oils that can clog your pores and cause acne.

Aggressively scrubbing your skin can tug on it, gradually increasing your likelihood of developing wrinkles. Instead of trying to blot every drop of oil or moisture out of your skin, let some remain to provide a protective barrier.


2. Always Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen may seem unnecessary if you’re only going outside for a few minutes or if you wear a hat, but sun exposure can sneak up on you. A lightweight sunscreen helps prevent the over-drying, peeling, and pain that results from a sunburn. Consider keeping a small tube in your purse or car to help when you forget to apply it ahead of time or when you need to reapply after sweating.


3. Take Care With Bug Repellant

Many mosquito repellants can leave your skin greasy and smelly. Although they’re very effective, they can linger in your pores and cause acne all over your body. If you’re highly sensitive to the ingredients, you could even start seeing other types of rashes.

Look for a soap that contains a more natural approach to insect repellant. Skin Armour Anti Mosquito Soap is DEET-free and herbally based to keep you protected without leaving you greasy.


4. Use Better Soap

Achieving the perfect balance of cleanliness and moisturization is a challenge in the summer. FaceDoctor’s line of face and body soaps use Sea Buckthorn Oil to keep you clean without stripping your skin of moisture. This natural oil contains vitamins and Omega 7 fatty acids to give your skin the nutrition it needs to look great year-round.




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