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4 Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter means hot chocolate, snowball fights, and gingerbread houses. However, it can also mean dry and cracked skin from the cold, which can be painful, unsightly, and uncomfortable.

Here are a few tips to help keep your skin glowing, smooth, and healthy all year round, despite the weather.


1. Moisturize

In the winter, we spend a lot of time inside heated rooms. Certain types of heating methods can dry your skin out rapidly, leaving you with cracked hands.

Regularly use a moisturizer on any dry skin areas. If your skin is red and sore, try the Intense Rejuvenate from FaceDoctor to help the healing process. It has Argan Oil to help reduce wrinkles, and its water phase can increase hydration. You can use the Intense Rejuvenate everywhere, including on your hands and face. However, to see an improvement, you’ll need to use it every day for several days.


2. Get a Humidifier

Dry air means dry skin. It might help to get a humidifier for wherever you spent the most time.


3. Drink Lots of Water

You may find yourself drinking a lot of coffee and wine during the winter months. Although tasty, these drinks can dehydrate you, which could increase your risk of dry skin. Try to stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.


4. Get a Subscription

If you suffer from dry skin during the winter, it’s important to be proactive. At FaceDoctor, we offer several subscriptions that include various products to improve your skin’s health.

You’ll never need to worry about running out of skincare products again. It’s best to start your hydrating regime before the winter months begin to stave off dryness before it becomes painful. Order your subscription pack today to keep your skin healthy and hydrated over the winter.







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