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3 Tips for Transitioning to a Winter Skincare Routine

As the seasons change and the weather gets colder and dryer, you may need to change your skin routine. Lower humidity levels and more time spent indoors with heated air can dry your skin out faster. If you notice your skin is drier or looks duller, it may be time to transition to a winter skin routine.


1. Use a Gentle Facial Soap

Some soaps and cleansers have harsh ingredients and can strip too much of your natural oil from your skin. This can leave your face feeling tight and dry after washing, even leading to the development of dry patches of skin on your face.

Use a gentle facial soap that keeps your complexion clear and your skin hydrated. Look for a dermatologist-approved facial soap with natural ingredients to keep your skin looking bright and even. People with sensitive skin may need to reduce washing their face to once a day during the winter to help reduce dryness.


2. Skip Exfoliating

Dry winter skin can be more fragile, and the last thing your face needs is rough exfoliating treatments. Daily or weekly exfoliating isn’t recommended during the winter.

Stop using mechanical exfoliators and exfoliating masks on your face during the winter. If you’re worried about dead skin cells building up in the winter, gently rub your face while washing it a couple of times per week.


3. Replace Lotions With Body Creams

Lotions may offer enough moisture for the spring and summer but don’t pull their weight during the dryer winter months. As winter approaches, switch to using moisturizing creams instead of lotion for your face.

Creams are thicker and contain richer moisturizing ingredients to nourish and hydrate your skin. FaceDoctor Beauty Cream helps heal your dry and cracked skin that winter causes. It helps restore your skin’s elasticity through its antioxidant-rich formula that offers deep hydration.





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