How to Safely Treat Postpartum Dry Skin
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How to Safely Treat Postpartum Dry Skin

When you’re a new mother, the last thing on your mind is how dry your skin feels. After giving birth, women can experience uncomfortable and unsightly skin that’s hard to deal with. As you adjust to a new phase of life and take care of your baby, you can use gentle, moisturizing products that help treat your postpartum dry skin.


1. Choose a Mild, Non-Drying Body Wash

Use a gentle non-drying body wash like the FaceDoctor Rejuvenation Soap that helps your skin heal in a fast, safe way. Studies have shown that sea buckthorn oil can lead to smoother skin on any complexion.


2. Apply a Rich Lotion

It is important to always moisturize after showering with a rich lotion that is full of humectants such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin that aid in keeping your skin moist. Emollients and occlusives such as squalene and beeswax can help protect the skin’s barrier and help improve skin texture and appearance.

3. Wash Your Face with a Gentle Facial Cleanser

Your face cleanser should be a mild soap replacement that contains hydrating components and is devoid of harsh detergents, which remove the skin’s natural oils. Use a rich, hydrating face cream after washing your face to keep it moisturized.


4. Adjust to a New Postpartum Lifestyle

To keep your skin healthy, showers should be short and not too hot, or else your skin can get dry. Eat healthy fats since they help with the maintenance of the skin barrier.


Use FaceDoctor Products for Your Postpartum Skin Needs

Moisturizing your postpartum skin is as simple as a skincare routine that includes nourishing, gentle products. They will aid your skin in absorbing the products’ benefits and moisture. Designed to treat your skin, FaceDoctor skincare products are hydration-rich and gentle to your postpartum skin.


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