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Blemishes in skin

Everyone longs for glowing skin. For that, it is necessary to nurture our skin regularly. But sometimes, certain blemishes like whiteheads, blackheads and pimples make it difficult to manage our skin. Some common reasons for skin blemishes are- excess oil on our skin, unfavourable weather, stress and clogged pores. All these can lead to some sort of blemishes on our skin. The main culprit for developing blemishes are sebaceous gland who is responsible for producing skin’s natural oil, sebum. Some hormones like androgen may stimulate the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum. This excess oil may get blocked in the pores, creating an ideal environment for skin bacteria’s to multiply. This may cause infections and later result in spots. In the long run some blemishes may result in permanent scars. The other factors that contribute to skin blemishing are cosmetics or generally comedogenics. If they are not removed properly, they may get clogged in the pores and result in spots. So try to choose oil-free water-based products. Also try to avoid excess heat and pollution. Both can irritate blemish prone areas of the skin. Also avoid pricking and squeezing your pimples with hands. This could worsen the condition and result in scars.

Many methods are available to treat the blemishes on the skin.  But a daily skin care routine is enough to keep the black heads and white heads at a distance. Follow the three step beauty care- cleansing, toning and moisturizing regularly. Try to choose natural products that do not have any dangerous side effects associated with many medications. In that case the best choice will be Face Doctor. Face Doctor is a reputable company that produces a wide range of skin care products for all your needs. For cleansing purpose you can use Face Doctor Rejuvenating soap. It gently cleanses your skin and leaves your skin clean and healthy. Also its active ingredient sea buckthorn oil fights against skin parasites that cause skin infections. Now for moisturization we can use Face Doctor beauty cream. Loaded with lots of skin rejuvenating nutrients, it gently soothes your skin and imparts a moisturizing effect. Additionally it also protects the skin from all skin parasites. Also it prevents the formation of further spots. Some oily skin people may avoid moisture due to the fear that it may trigger spots. This is not true. Oily skin also needs proper hydration. So have an oil free moisturizer.

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