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Controlling Acne

Acne when it breaks out can be anything, from simply annoying to downright painful, depending on the severity of the outbreak. However, since acne is usually the result of clogged pores due to excess sebum produced by the human body there are highly effective treatments to prevent the acne from breaking out like the FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap. Using the soap to wash the face twice a day is usually sufficient to keep the acne at bay.

However, in the event an outbreak of acne does occur, treating it with the soap will ultimately clear it up again, with a little help from an additional product called FaceDoctor Beauty Cream. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking this is just another cream to make the skin smooth and soft, because this beauty cream is much more than that, thanks to ingredients, like: Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Glyceryl Monostearate and Bee wax.

When acne breaks out the skin surrounding the affected area becomes irritated and inflamed. If left untreated those will become places where more acne outbreaks are going to occur and that is exactly where the FaceDoctor Beauty Cream comes in. First of all it acts as a moisturizer, which cleans up the acne, unclogs pores and kills parasites, thanks to the fact that just like the FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap, the cream also contains Seabuckthorn Oil.

The difference between the two products lies in the fact that the rejuvenating soap does its job on the spot. You apply it, wash it off and it is done. The beauty cream, however, thanks to it moisturizing effects will keep on treating the affected areas, and in time will clear them up completely and with it preventing the acne from spreading any further.

Combined the two products make for the ultimate weapon in the fight against the effects of acne. It will combat the effects of the acne itself as well as treating the affected inflammatory areas, preventing it from spreading any further. Even though using both products simultaneously will do away with the effects of acne and keep it at bay, in order to treat the condition permanently the underlying cause must be found and treated. Usually this means changing your diet to a healthier and balanced one, while doing away with dairy products in the process.

However, instead of guessing what the underlying cause may be, consulting a qualified dermatologist is highly recommended. Meanwhile you will be able to keep the effects from acne at bay with the use of the two products from FaceDoctor!

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