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What to do when you’re prescribed cream is making your rosacea worse

I had battled rosacea for years when I changed to a new cream my doctor approved and recommended after the one I had always used stopped being manufactured. As you can imagine for someone like me who’s suffered from a chronic skin condition all her life, the change wasn’t welcomed with open arms. More often than not, changing the products I used for rosacea had always meant a setback in treatment. The time it took for my skin to adjust make controlling the disease difficult and slow.

In this case, I didn’t have a choice. Or so I thought at the time. Even if I went to the pharmacy and bought their whole stock of my old rosacea cream, I would still run out of it eventually. So this definitely wasn’t a smart plan. I didn’t have a choice but to trust my doctor so I went home with samples of the new product. In the morning after I used it, I could swear my rosacea looked worse but convinced myself it was just my skin getting used to the new active ingredients and composition.

One week later, I was sure my rosacea looked a lot worse! I was not imagining things! It looked like an allergic reaction to the cream but I felt like the rosacea was feeding off of it and growing. Yes, I know it sounds silly, but that’s the best way I have to describe the nasty effects of this new product.

With my doctor out of town and unable to find someone to see me on such short notice (I couldn’t classify this outbreak as an emergency), I went to the local health store looking for help. I urgently needed something to soothe my skin. I don’t think she knows it, but the woman working there that day changed my life forever when she handed me that bar of FaceDoctor medicated soap. In three days, my face was completely different and the signs of a rosacea outbreak practically gone. I have never used another product since.

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