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4 Tips for Managing Hair Loss

Your hair naturally goes through a three-stage lifecycle: Growing, resting, and shedding. During these stages, you can lose up to 100 strands per day. However, if you experience sudden or excessive hair loss, you may have an underlying condition requiring medical treatment, diet modifications, or lifestyle changes.

Explore these simple tips to protect your scalp and restore your hair’s growth and shine.

1.      Be Gentle When Washing Your Hair

Hair that is thinning or falling out is exceptionally fragile. Washing your hair too frequently or vigorously with heavy-duty hair products can exacerbate the damage and increase your hair loss.

Use gentle products like Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo two to three times a week. It contains potent sea buckthorn oil, which helps to eliminate impurities and nourishes your scalp for optimal hair growth. It is ideal for hair loss due to dandruff because the intensely moisturizing formula minimizes inflammation to stop dryness and flaking.

Always follow shampoo with a nourishing conditioner. Hair & Scalp Doctor Conditioner helps close the hairs’ cuticles after washing to prevent moisture loss. It also contains ingredients to promote collagen production to strengthen hair and protect it against heat damage.


2.      Avoid Heated Styling Tools

Heat weakens hair and contributes to breakage. Avoid using curling irons, straighteners, and other heated styling tools, as much as possible. You should also allow your hair to air dry rather than using a hair dryer. If you must use a hair dryer, switch it to the cool setting.


3.      Choose Low-Stress Hairstyles

Tight hairstyles like high ponytails, ballerina buns, braids, or cornrows place undue stress on the scalp. This can lead to hair loss called traction alopecia, causing the hairline to recede.

Wearing your hair down or choosing a low-stress hairstyle such as a low ponytail or loose bun can reduce hair loss.


4.      Try Scalp Massage

Scalp massage feels great, but it may also help promote healthier hair growth. One study showed that four minutes of scalp massage per day improved hair thickness and reduced hair loss in men and women. This is attributed to softened skin and increased blood flow to the hair follicles.

To massage your scalp, use just your fingertips on both hands and mild to moderate pressure. Start at your hairline at the front of your head and use small circular motions until you reach the nape of your neck.


Restore Your Hair Health With FaceDoctor

Mild to moderate hair loss can often be managed with simple lifestyle changes, such as changing your hair care routine. Use FaceDoctor shampoo and conditioner to help promote a healthy scalp and hair.





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