The worst part and the best part of growing up with psoriasis

Growing up as the only girl in school with a chronic skin condition could have taken a toll on me, but my mother always made me feel special. Consequently, that boosted my self-confidence, made me want to learn more about psoriasis, and, eventually, led me to my current job as an editor for a fashion magazine.
I hated the psoriasis patches on my knees and elbows, and I hated that I had to constantly mind what I ate or what I did to not cause a breakout. That was the worst part and one that probably only lasted one month, in total, out of one year. The best part was that I got to try out all sorts of skin care products and, later, when I was older, all kinds of makeup. I developed quite the keen eye to know what works and doesn’t, and some killer tricks to how to cover up your psoriasis patches with makeup, without causing your skin to have a psoriasis flare.
Little did I know at the time that these skills would come in handy later. But I think my mom always saw that potential in me.
From all the products I used and tested throughout the years, I never found one that gave me better results than FaceDoctor. The combination of medicated soap and beauty cream that I use (although you’d be fine using just the medicated soap) is refreshing. Not only does it gently cleans and maintains my complexion, but the lack of harsh chemicals also allows me to keep psoriasis under control. All thanks to the superpowers of the active ingredient, sea buckthorn oil.
Take my word as an expert, the best products for your skin are the ones made with all-natural ingredients and sold at a price that anyone can afford. Your skin is the most important organ of your body, and it’s about time that brands like FaceDoctor treat it as such.

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