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Study Reveals Middle Aged People Prone To Human Demodex Mites Identifies Dangers of Human Demodex Mites and Provides Solutions

The human demodex mites also referred to as the demodex parasites and preferably associated with the face thus the term face mites are not very common in the understanding of many people, though they exist naturally on the face and within the human hair follicles. Middle aged people whose immunity system doesn’t function properly are in particular prone to demodex parasites. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that young or the elderly aren’t faced by the same risks.

The demodex mites exist in two forms that include the demodex folliculorum that resides within the hair follicles and the demodex brevis mostly found in the sebaceous glands. While hearing them for the first time might prompt some people to try personal examinations, the mites are relatively too small for the naked eye to see thus meaning they can only be observed under a microscope. According to, the parasites exist mostly in those body parts covered by hair roots. This is why within the sebaceous glands; the chin, cheeks and forehead are mostly affected as they provide the favored breeding conditions for demodex mites.

Most questions raised by concerned parties reflect human demodex and the ability to tame them on the account of infection. There are some conventional over the counter topical creams that can aide in the sought after solutions. In addition, many researchers have been able to identify homeopathic remedies that can naturally be used at home to provide admirable solutions. Companies like facedoctor have also come up and been able to provide natural products such as the facedoctor rejuvenating soap and facedoctor beauty creams all of which are meant to address issues of rosacea and other skin conditions caused by the demodex parasite.

Some of the ingredients that make up facedoctor beauty creams that in return aid in the solution against human demodex is the sea buckthorn oil. The ingredient has been clinically proven to eliminate human demodex parasite for good. Although researchers are not relenting on their efforts to identify other solutions towards this parasite, facedoctor insist that dermatologists should put more efforts to know about human demodex so that the future generation can be safeguarded from the menace of this parasite.

The parasites that exist in hair follicles are longer when compared to those that exist in the sebaceous glands which are a lot shorter.

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