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What my beautician told me about beauty creams may surprise you

Every time I had an acne outbreak, my beautician came to the rescue. It was a long session of her meticulously getting rid of every zit on my face and scolding me for not taking better care of my skin. It always ended with me saying yes, I will take care of my skin better, except I never did.

I’ve always suffered from adult acne so I depended on her to make my skin look healthy again. But as she explained to me repeatedly, part of the work had to be done at home by me, every morning before leaving the house. But here’s the thing. I was too lazy to ask what she meant by a decent beauty routine. Every morning, I’d splash some water on my face and use the expensive beauty cream the lady at the cosmetics shop had recommended.

This would drive my beautician crazy until she explained to me why I should stop using any beauty cream that wasn’t made from organic, all-natural ingredients. I thought she was crazy. How did she expect me to control my adult acne with just any cream?

“You don’t need an expensive cream, you need an effective one. And that one is not an effective one. I can tend to your adult acne outbreaks but you have to help out on your side”, she told me one day and, boy was she mad. I asked if she wasn’t afraid that she’d lose me as a client if I used this FaceDoctor cream she mentioned and it actually worked.

Well, after seeing the state of my face every week, I caved and began using that cream with sea buckthorn oil. It’s incredible! She was right, it’s more effective than I thought! I still have my weekly appointments with her except now my sessions only last for one hour instead of two.

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