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How to never worry about wrinkles again

Do you know that constantly worrying about existing wrinkles actually makes you have more wrinkles? Or at least that’s what it looked like for me three months ago. The more products I used and the more I thought about it, the more wrinkles I had. It was insane! Then one day a close friend suggested that maybe I wasn’t using the right product for my skin, and it was my skin’s revenge against me. I don’t know if she was joking or serious but that actually got me thinking.

Could it be that the more products you used, the more your skin took that as an attack on its cells? I certainly didn’t feel my skin improve despite all the products I used being highly recommended by dermatologists, friends, and the girls at the cosmetic shop that called themselves skin experts. I can tell you that one thing that always bothered me in all those skin care products was that they all seemed to have too much fragrance. While you went to any shop that sold all-natural, organic products with the same features and they didn’t have any scent. Did it mean they didn’t work as well?

Looking back, I probably wasted too much time thinking about these things when I should have been weighing the pros and cons of using an organic cream versus a standard one. When you’re used to buying all your products from the fancy mall shop, it’s hard to convince yourself to try one of the products from the health store instead. Checkout larsappliances.com. But that day, I did. I walked into that store and bought two FaceDoctor products that the girl behind the counter recommended to reduce my wrinkles: the rejuvenating soap and the beauty cream.
No big fuss with ingredients with crazy names or trademarked formulas. Just simple organic products with sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient. Seemed pretty straightforward to me and three weeks after I began to use it, I started to see results for the first time in years.
I haven’t switched brands ever since.

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