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Is your bathroom shelf overflowing with skin care products?

If your answer is yes, here is a follow-up question for you. How many of them have you used in the past six months? Probably half of them or even less. I bet most of them are way past their expiry date, so if you’re still using them they’re either doing nothing or seriously damaging your skin without you even knowing it.

Our impulse to buy the best new thing is there, constantly, and the cosmetic industry knows that well. They then have a powerful marketing strategy behind it, to make you feel compelled to buy even more products than the ones you already have. Thrown in a handful of digital influencers, and you’re hooked. There is nothing wrong with someone trying to make a sale but they’re not really doing anything for you, and deep down you know that. Because when you look in the mirror, you still see the same wrinkles that were there three weeks before. Why? Because you’re clearly using something that’s not working where it should: on the dermis, the deeper level of your skin.

I was a beauty consultant for a while in one of those door-to-door sales kinds of companies. Most of our products were okay and worked for a little while, but none of them produced the effects we promised they would. And, yet, our customers were hooked. I left when one of my good clients complained about a rash after using one of our beauty creams, and the company hushed it by paying her a hefty sum. I didn’t want to be associated with that kind of brand and, for a while, I didn’t use any cosmetic products from any company. I believed they were all the same.

FaceDoctor Beauty Cream changed my mind about it, a few weeks ago. I was in search for a moisturizer that would work on the deeper level of my skin where it’s needed, and all I could find were products with the same fake promises. I must have tried a dozen samples with no luck. Here’s a trick to know if a moisturizer will work on a deeper level as it says it will: if you still feel it on the surface of your skin 2 minutes after you put it on, it means your skin is not absorbing it so it’s not doing anything. FaceDoctor Beauty Cream was the exact opposite and I knew I had found my face treatment for life. I haven’t used any other skin care product ever since.

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