Boost Your Skin's Moisture With FaceDoctor Beauty Cream
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Boost Your Skin’s Moisture with FaceDoctor

Choosing the right combination of skincare products for your face and body can seem like an overwhelming challenge. Since your skin serves a vital role in protecting your body, it’s important to protect your skin as well.

FaceDoctor Beauty Cream makes it easier for your skin to do its job by keeping it healthy and elastic. Its power lies in the sea buckthorn oil it uses to provide lightweight hydration, vitamins, and fatty acids without disrupting your skin’s delicate chemistry.


What is Sea Buckthorn Oil?

Sea buckthorn is a small berry that has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy in many cultures. This hardy plant grows throughout Europe and Asia, and despite its name, it can grow at high altitudes far from the ocean.

Sea buckthorn oil is taken from the berry, leaves, and seeds of this plant and carefully processed to maintain its contents. The resulting oil is high in natural fatty acids that your skin needs to stay hydrated.


Benefits of Boosting Hydration

Moist and supple skin feels good to the touch, but it can also reduce the overall appearance of aging. Wrinkles appear much more obvious when your skin is dried out. Moisturizing plays a significant role in keeping your skin youthful.

Boosting hydration with natural and healthy oil can also help reduce acne. Acne sometimes occurs when your body overproduces oils in an attempt to compensate for dry skin. By using a beauty cream with natural oils, you can restore your skin to its healthy state without triggering acne breakouts.


Using the Right Beauty Cream

FaceDoctor products are designed to help reduce a variety of complexion problems, including eczema, rosacea, acne, and general dryness. In addition to our beauty cream, we make soaps to improve your complexion without stripping your skin of essential moisture. Try our full line to unlock all the possible benefits and keep your skin looking stunning.




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