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All About Skin Undertones! How to Find Yours

Any makeup enthusiast knows the struggle of finding the right foundation for their skin color. With the wrong color, no matter how much you blend, your makeup will never look right. The main problem is that most people don’t understand their skin undertones.


What are Skin Undertones?

Skin undertones are the natural colors under your skin’s surface. There are three main undertones: Cool, warm, and neutral.

People with cool undertones typically have skin with pink and blue shades under their natural skin color. Warmer undertones are characterized by yellow, orange, and peachy shades. If you are neutral, your undertone should be roughly the same color as your skin tone.


Tips for Finding the Your Undertone

While you can visit an aesthetician or makeup artist to have your undertone professionally assessed, there are several quick and easy ways to determine your skin undertone yourself.


  • Wear a white t-shirt. Pull your hair back and throw on a plain white tee. The blank canvas will highlight the undertones in your skin. Warm tones will look washed out, while cool and neutral tones will look radiant.
  • Check your veins. Look at the veins on the inside of your arm. If they are blue or purple, you have a cooler skin undertone. If they are greenish, your skin undertone is warm. If you can’t see your veins, you may have a neutral undertone.
  • Consider how the sun affects your skin. Although you should be wearing a high SPF sunscreen each day, assessing the shade your skin changes to after spending time in the sun is a good indicator of your undertone. People who burn then peel have cool undertones, while those who tan easily have warm undertones.


Care for Your Skin With FaceDoctor

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