FaceDoctor’s Medicated Soap, Rosacea Treatments, Sea Buckthorn Oil

To treat rosacea you have to focus on the origin of the problem, not the symptoms

After 20 years of battling with rosacea, I finally found a product that works. For years, I always used creams and soaps that focused on reducing the redness. Although they did deliver what they promised, reducing the redness, they weren’t really working on fixing the cause of the problem. Even I didn’t know what the cause was at the time but surely there had to be a cause.

I think rosacea was one of the reasons why I wanted to become a dermatologist. I felt that if I understood how the disease worked and if people realized I knew what they were going through, my doctor-patient relationship with being more positive. And it has been. They trust me when I tell them what to try and what to do to help them with rosacea because I’ve used the same techniques and they can see the results.

Studying to become a dermatologist who specializes in rosacea made me learn a lot more about what actually causes this skin condition, the Human Demodex parasite, and how to stop it from spreading. I know enough about the matter to know that the best active ingredient in a skin care product to treat rosacea is sea buckthorn oil.
After using several products claiming to have this active ingredient with poor results, I was about to give up on my quest for the perfect skin care product to treat rosacea. And then I found FaceDoctor’s rejuvenating soap with the perfect amount of sea buckthorn oil.

I’m one of their most loyal clients and I recommend this soap to all my patients. They don’t need to take my word for it, they can simply look at my old pictures hanging in my office and look at how my skin is now after using the soap for a little over a year.

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