FaceDoctor Products for Natural Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is one of the most unwanted skin ailments for two reasons: Embarrassing inflamed and scaly patches on different body areas and Incurable condition. Yes! There is no cure for this ailment in this world. However, that’s should not leave you in despair because it is very much easier to control the spread of this highly irritating disease. Although the dry and inflamed patches can occur on the scalp, knees, back, elbows, and face; a natural psoriasis treatment can effectively minimize these symptoms without triggering any side effects. Such a treatment acts as a cleanser as well as a moisturizer, the healing roles that are of utmost significance for combating the condition. You can expect such products from FaceDoctor!

First, comes FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap has proven its effectiveness in healing the symptoms of psoriasis. It features an effective organic formulation containing seabuckthorn oil, glycerin, aloe, sodium silicate, vitamin E, and fragrance. The seabuckthorn oil is the main active ingredient that has been clinically tested for killing the Demodex parasite, which is the secret culprit of psoriasis. The rest of the ingredients support the oil in moisturizing and cleansing the affected areas deeply. In order to assist the soap, there is a FaceDoctor cream that has been known to stop the spread of infection caused by the parasite as well as moisturize the skin well.

Another natural psoriasis treatment by FaceDoctor is Advial Colloidal silver solution that works by choking the risky pathogenic cells. The pure, highly processed silver solution is effective in disabling the harmful pathogens that are responsible for all skin problems as well as in boosting the immunity for combating diseases. As a result, the formula containing silver claims to heal psoriasis by alleviating the itching and irritation without affecting the essential enzymes.

One more effective product for healing psoriasis by FaceDoctor is Clear 60 minute’s collection of lotions and creams. Promoted as the scientific means to perfect skin, these lotions are recommended by dermatologists to deal with skin conditions for oily skin.

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