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You don’t need harsh skin care products for psoriasis

Dealing with psoriasis, especially when you’re going through your teenage years, is tough on parents and on the kids suffering from this chronic skin condition. They want to do what other kids their age are doing, they want to try the same anti-acne creams and makeup, unfortunately, for people with sensitive skin and chronic conditions, they have to do things differently. That has a huge impact on their self-esteem. Not to mention that most skin care products for psoriasis smell like medicine.

I remember growing up and kids at school teasing me because I smelled like a hospital disinfectant. My mom was great at making me feel stronger than those bullies. I knew my skin would never improve to the “normal” standards but at least I knew I was looking after my health. My only wish was that skin care products for people with psoriasis didn’t smell like medicine.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out there was a product on the market, that could be used by people with psoriasis, and that smelled wonderful. Was this FaceDoctor Medicated Soap that great? Well, it was and it is. I’ve been using it for the past two months and my skin feels amazing. In fact, I hardly remember I have psoriasis because I haven’t felt any of the symptoms in a long time!

And this isn’t a harsh, chemical-based soap. This is an all-natural product made with sea buckthorn oil soap that I or anyone can use. It’s not a specific skincare product for psoriasis and yet it’s safe and effective.
If you have kids struggling with self-confidence because of the scent of their regular prescribed products, give this one a try. Test it out for a couple of weeks and monitor psoriasis’ symptoms to make sure your kid’s body is reacting well. I tell you, you won’t regret it.

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